Kachingle will die Times-Blogs vor der Paywall retten

von , 14.10.10

Wir hatten einige Zeit nichts mehr vom Crowdfunding-System Kachingle gehört. Nun aber hat sich Cynthia Typaldos einen neuen Coup überlegt: Sie möchte die New York Times Blogs vor der Paywall retten. Sehr hübsche Aktion.

Hier die Rundmail dazu:

Dear Kachinglers,

Thanks for being an early adopter of Kachingle. In order to quickly ramp the social payment market so that all of us will benefit, we have created a browser extension called KachingleX that enables all Kachinglers to kachingle the 57 blogs at the NYTimes. Please take a moment to install the browser extension by clicking on the maroon button and doing step 1 only, then visit your favorite NYTimes Blogs, turn on the Medallion, and jump-start this movement!

Install KachingleX

From Free to Paywall?
Information wants to be free is one of the oldest and most pervasive memes on the Internet. Everyone, even such staunch advocates as Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation and Bram Cohen of BitTorrent, agree that information does cost money to produce and that producers should be compensated.

Kachingle is a service that meets this meme head on. Your $5/month supports the producers of the digital stuff you love directly (and automatically) based on your actual visit activity. Your participation is voluntary, done out of appreciation and respect.

The New York Times has been ranked as the highest quality American newspaper almost from the first day it was published more than 150 years ago. Its writers and editors have the highest possible reputation for their stories.

In January the Times announced that a new paywall system would be implemented in early 2011. While price and most other details have not yet been released, they’ve tried to position this new “metered paywall” as friendlier to searchers, bloggers and tweeters. Clicks from search result pages and a small number of articles a month will be made available without having to pay a fee.

Join the Cause: Stop the Paywall!

Please join us in this cause! A strong set of supporters like you, for only $5/month, will show the NYTimes executives that readers who appreciate these bloggers will voluntarily pay to support their effort, without having to put them behind a paywall and removing them from the social web.

We’ve set up a special section of Kachingle, at www.kachinglex.com, with a leaderboard just for these blogs. Simply click on this link and follow the simple instructions to start supporting the NYTimes Blogs that you love. Be sure to watch the NYTimes Leaderboard to see how your favorites are doing.
Then let the games begin! Which NYTimes Blog will be the first to attract 100 Kachinglers? Pogue? Silver? Krugman? Or will Lisa Belkin’s Motherlode ride the support of all our Mommy Bloggers to 1,000 Kachinglers? We can’t wait to find out!
See you online!

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