Jung & Naiv · Jacob Appelbaum über Big Brother Q & A

von , 20.7.13

Nachdem mich Jacob Appelbaum in Folge 71 und 72 mit erschreckenden Neuigkeiten über unsere Regierungen und ihre geheimen Machenschaften konfrontierte, hatte ich gehofft, im dritten und letzten Teil der jungundnaiven Big-Brother-Trilogie über angenehmere Dinge reden zu können. Schließlich standen Eure Fragen an Appelbaum auf dem Programm. Doch irgendwie sollte sich auch in Folge 73 so ziemlich alles um Überwachung, Big Brother und Big Daddy Data drehen. Komisch.

Ihr wolltet von Jacob Appelbaum wissen (eingesammelt via FB und Twitter):

– “Wie erkläre ich meinen Eltern, dass Internetüberwachung doof ist?”

– “Does the NSA try to hack into Tor servers? Is it true that NSA holds on to encrypted info for longer than regular communications?”

– “Is China better at surveillance or is the US? i.e, are Americans better off using Chinese social media, than say Facebook?”

– “In the future, what will state surveillance mean for the ‘internet of things’ – ie., will doors literally be closed to people?”

– “A judge just granted Chevron access to the identities and IPs of activists that protest them. Will we see more of this?”

– “How do you see the future of “big data”? Is it an opportunity, or simply a risk for all of us?”

– “do you think that it’s principally compatible with constitutionality when a state has a secret service?”

– “what do you think of the term ‘digital self defense’ and its implications?”

– “Is he scared to return to the US, after his stay in Germany with all his revelations and the media coverage of his activities? What will happen when he returns to the US? What does he expect? What’s going to happen at the border? How long does he plan to stay in Germany?”

– “Wieso trifft sich Snowden mit Human Rights Watch?”

– “considering the cases of snowden, manning but also michael hastings and barrett brown – is obama at war with journalism? how can investigative journalism be secured in the US?”

– “Why is the Patriot Act not patriotic? What’s a patriot?”

– “ask @ioerror what he thinks about a world with no secrets and a complete transparent society?”

– “Everyone is talking about the U.S. and UK surveillance programs which they use against their European partners. Is he aware of any activities from European countries against the U.S. or between European “partners”? Does he or Snowden have any information about that?”

– “Is there any bigger response aboout PRISM & Co. in the USA? Why not?”

– “Given that the majority of people worldwide is against the methods of NSA – is it possible to form a worldwide alliance against surveillance?”

Wer die beiden vorhergehenden “Jung & Naiv”-Folgen mit Jacob verpasst hat:

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